The foundation of a successful construction project.

With our team of roughly 50 engineers, we provide structural planning services for stages 1 to 6 of HOAI. We also oversee efforts to analyse structural damage and plan retrofitting concepts. Structural engineering concepts are coordinated early in the design phase. This means we can fine-tune concepts down to the smallest construction details, thereby guaranteeing feasibility with optimal results. Our long-standing experience and distinguished expertise enable us to offer an extensive range of planning services while keeping an eye on costs.

Our services:

  • Structural design services for structural engineering and industrial construction
  • Building redevelopment
  • Sustainable building
  • BIM – digital planning
  • Project planning and structural design in civil engineering
  • Building and bridge rehabilitation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Excavation planning
  • Research and development
  • Construction-related services such as quantity surveying and verification or analysis of tender documents

Integrated Design. Sustainable Engineering. Secure Future.

Sustainable, efficient and future-ready engineering projects. Learn how our team works together with our strong network to help you overcome the challenges on your journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

Sustainable design and engineering

Always there for you - our team.

Your contact persons:

Eike Thomas
Head of Structural Design
Jörg Hartmann
Industrial construction
Michael Hölzel
Geotechnical engineering
Philipp Orban
Benno von Kutzschenbach
Civil engineering railroad
Dr. Jochen Zeier
Civil engineering/Bridge construction

Examples of our projects in the field of structural design

Integrated design and engineering meets online retailing
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Design Review Badya City in Cairo, Egypt
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Sono West in Frankfurt, Germany
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West portal of the Albvorland Tunnel in Wendlingen, Germany
Detail All References
Second River Niger Bridge in Asaba, Nigeria
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Student residence halls in Wiesbaden, Germany
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Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria
Detail All References
Mixed-use high-rise building in Lagos, Nigeria
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Akwa Ibom Stadium in Uyo, Nigeria
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Airport motorway in Abuja, Nigeria
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1st Runway Rehabilitation in Abuja, Nigeria
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Afghan national printing office in Kabul, Afghanistan
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