Renovation of runway surface of capital city airport in record time

1st Runway Rehabilitation in Abuja, Nigeria

The renovation of a defective runway surface presented a high level of risk for take-offs and landings and was declared an absolute priority at the highest political level. This is because Abuja airport is a hub for African air traffic. Any incident would put the reputation of the whole country in danger.

The crucial renovation of the runway could only be carried out within a fixed time frame of six weeks, which was a huge challenge for planning and execution. During this period all flights were diverted to neighbouring airports. In order to keep the associated costs and threats to reputation as low as possible, it was essential to keep to the schedule.

Thanks to the close networking between the planning in Germany and the executing units on site, our team was able to complete the project in record time despite the short planning and execution time: from the initial examination of the existing ground asphalt and planning, procurement, scheduling and logistical coordination through to the actual construction work!

6 weeks

construction time

3.6 km

runway length

45 m

runway width

48,000 t

milling old asphalt and inserting new asphalt

55 t

installation of fibreglass grids

Lead Designer Plus

Design and Engineering

  • Approval planning
  • Execution and detail planning

Construction management

  • Award of contract
  • Construction monitoring


Project management

  • Construction project management

Construction-related services

  • Quantity survey
  • Scheduling
  • Construction process planning
  • Machine concept
  • Site facilities concepts
  • Purchase/procurement of materials


  • Feasibility studies
  • Contract management and management of supplementary requests
  • Logistics and purchasing consulting
  • Technical consulting

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