Design and Engineering

We combine all design and planning phases under one roof.

Julius Berger International offers you a robust portfolio of integral planning services for the delivery of comprehensive solutions from a single source. We bring your individual requirements in line with the actual conditions on site: from basic concepts and selected partial services to the comprehensive preparation of overall planning. Our planning teams work together on a daily basis, both personally and virtually through interdisciplinary 5D BIM models.

We cover the following areas in-house:

  • Concept studies and design concepts
  • Schematic design and design development
  • Approval planning
  • Execution and detail planning

Practical, seamless and efficient.

Thanks to numerous years of experience and an excellent level of expertise, we achieve better results in less time. We always focus on feasibility of the construction project, both economically and operationally, and coordinate with you closely throughout all planning phases. With more than 200 engineers, architects and design engineers on board, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to changing requirements real-time. This is how we get your projects up and running at this early stage.

Our core competencies in design and engineering.

We provide everything from a single source, seamlessly interlinked and with the highest level of technical competency. We believe the following four areas are the foundation of how we, as the Lead Designer Plus, act in a holistic way. These four areas ensure that the result of our services will be more than just the sum of its parts.

Architectural Design

We attach great importance to the quality of architectural components to the planning, both in the development of the concepts and in the further planning process. These aspects are comprised of the needs of the clients and users, the visual appearance, as well as the functional and economic building and equipment requirements. The weighting of these parameters is defined individually for each project.

Structural Design

Structural engineering concepts are coordinated early in the design phase. This means we can fine-tune concepts down to the smallest construction details, thereby guaranteeing feasibility with optimal results.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Our integrated planning process incorporates the planning of technical building services from the very start.

By combining the processing of all building services under one roof, we can achieve an optimal solution in terms of the interaction between systems. This results in a construction with maximum building performance and energy efficiency.

Infrastructure Design

In the area of infrastructure, we support you through all planning phases until the project is ready for implementation: from the preparation of guidelines for tenders and smaller projects to large-scale projects such as urban motorways, industrial facilities and the development of entire districts and innovative master plan concepts. Here we focus on integrated solutions for transportation, the local environment as well as for water supply, utilities, sewage and drainage.


Design Review Badya City in Cairo, Egypt
Urban development Badya City in Cairo, Egypt
Group headquarters HeidelbergCement in Heidelberg, Germany
Wiese Kunterbunt Nursery in Klein-Winternheim, Germany
Sono West in Frankfurt, Germany
Benin Enterprise Park, Nigeria
Terminal 3 Airport in Frankfurt, Germany
West portal of the Albvorland Tunnel in Wendlingen, Germany
Sports Centre in Heidelberg, Germany
Water Masterplan for Abuja, Nigeria
Head office Dreßler Bau in Aschaffenburg, Germany
Second River Niger Bridge in Asaba, Nigeria
Student residence halls in Wiesbaden, Germany
Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria
Hans-Löffler-Haus in Würzburg, Germany
Mixed-use high-rise building in Lagos, Nigeria
Akwa Ibom Stadium in Uyo, Nigeria
Airport motorway in Abuja, Nigeria
1st Runway Rehabilitation in Abuja, Nigeria
Afghan national printing office in Kabul, Afghanistan