Lead Designer Plus

More services from a single source, which means fewer interfaces and a stronger guarantee.

We provide more services to offer you a stronger guarantee for the success of your construction project. We are confident making this promise because we supply almost all integrated design and engineering services in-house, meaning we have control over quality and process, without having to involve external parties. What’s more, we offer a broad spectrum of construction-related services and professional project management. This means you can rely on us to always be the main point of contact in charge of your entire project!

As the Lead Designer Plus, Julius Berger International is your partner for each and every challenge – from the overall planning of major international construction sites to selected partial services closer to home.

Lead Designer Plus
All areas of service under one roof
All services according to stages 1 to 8 of the German HOAI
Lead Designer Plus

We excel at planning because we have been directly involved in the construction business for over 50 years.

Planning means looking ahead to the future, and this improves as you gain more experience from the past. After all, accurate planning can only be achieved if you can look back on years of plans and compare them, systematically and without a filter, to the results.

This is exactly the advantage that Julius Berger International can offer. Planning, construction and maintenance all take place within our single group of companies, meaning we have direct feedback on every measure. We have been closely connected to all Julius Berger construction activities in Nigeria for over 50 years. Our team will apply this vast experience in full to your next project, allowing you to achieve your goals confidently and with ease.


The colleagues at JBI have many years of experience with challenging projects. They will impress you with their perfect balance of pragmatism and talent for improvisation, while always maintaining the high quality standards and professionalism expected from German engineering.

  • Dr. Michael Denkel
  • Member of the board of management
  • AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

At Julius Berger International, they always approach concepts from a construction point of view. They don’t just make a theoretical plan: they always look at the situation in its entirety.

  • Frank Barlian
  • Managing director
  • Hans-Löffler-Haus Augustinerstraße GmbH

During our collaboration with Julius Berger, the company won us over with its professionalism and compliance with high quality standards throughout the planning and consulting phases of complex construction projects in an international context.

  • Erik Schweikhardt
  • Project Director
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

As a construction firm we particularly appreciate Julius Berger International’s solution-driven approach. The company takes a pragmatic and straightforward approach to getting the job done.

  • Stefan Schorn
  • Authorised representative (Prokurist)
  • dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau gmbh

Elaborate architectural design, structural design, MEP and infrastructure design also for larger construction projects. That is what I call versatile! And all of this right on our very own doorstep - at the largest planning office in the state capital of Hesse.

  • Dipl.- Ing. Roland Stöcklin
  • Managing Director
  • Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden mbH