We pool all the information in one place. Virtually, transparently and reliably.

For many years, Julius Berger International has been successfully using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to process information in virtual models in the areas of integrated planning, construction and related building services. All those involved in your project benefit directly and continuously from comprehensive data from this modelling, ensuring the collaboration is optimal.

In our planning we create a detailed 3D model of your construction project – and, as the construction process continues, extend it into the fourth dimension, “schedule”, and then the fifth dimension, “budget”. This is how we use the 5D BIM to shape the targeted value chain of your construction project throughout all project phases. All in a way which is transparent, cost-effective and according to schedule.

Model-based construction managing

With the planning and all related tools in 3D, we make it possible to virtually walk through your project model using virtual reality headsets, bringing the planning process to life in a clear manner. From the moment construction commences, you begin to reap the benefits of our model-based construction management. Tablets and augmented reality apps can be used to turn IFC models into real-world objects on the construction site and track the realisation of 3D plans step by step. Also, issues management is simplified thanks to direct documentation using notes, photos and audio in the cloud. All issues captured can be processed by downloading them to the modelling software in BIM Collaboration Format (BCF). This means that you benefit at all times from direct, model-based and trackable communication with all planners.

We cover the following areas in-house:

  • Virtual project planning in 3D via Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • 5D planning adds in the factors of schedule and budget
  • Certified quality management processes
  • Model-based construction managing with augmented reality (AR)

We look forward to working with you on your next challenge