Airport motorway to boost a commercial capital

Airport motorway in Abuja, Nigeria

The volume of traffic in Abuja has increased so drastically in recent years that the client regarded it as essential to construct and expand the airport connection, owing to its importance as Nigeria’s capital city. The team at Julius Berger International was commissioned to take on the complete planning of the infrastructure for this major project.

The stretch of land totalling 26.5 km runs from City Gate to Bill Clinton Drive and required that the existing motorway connection to the airport be extended from two to three lanes. The project also included the planning and construction of three plan-free junctions in the shape of two shamrocks and a trumpet. Service roads running parallel on both sides were planned and constructed for the connection of adjacent plots. Lay-bys for buses and turning options were also planned and built.

The vision set out in 1976 for the Nigerian capital Abuja still forms the framework for the urban development that Julius Berger International has been helping to shape for over 30 years.


bridge constructions



26,5 km

total road length

75 km


Lead Designer Plus

Design and Engineering

  • Approval planning
  • Execution and detail planning

Construction management

  • Tender documents and specifications
  • Award of contract


Project management

  • Construction project management

Construction-related services

  • Quantity survey
  • Scheduling
  • Construction process planning
  • Machine concept
  • Site facilities concepts
  • Formwork and scaffolding planning
  • Purchase/procurement of materials


  • Value engineering
  • Feasibility studies
  • Plausibility analyses
  • Contract management and management of supplementary requests
  • Consulting on specific aspects relating to Africa
  • Logistics and purchasing consulting
  • Technical consulting

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