Precise planning and setup of a complex large construction site

West portal of the Albvorland Tunnel in Wendlingen, Germany

As part of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project, the Stuttgart rail node is being restructured. Together with the new line between Wendlingen and Ulm, which is around 60 km long, this will significantly improve the infrastructure and rail traffic within Baden Württemberg and at the same time create a fast and convenient connection across the Swabian Alb. Implenia Construction GmbH has been entrusted with the construction of the Albvorland tunnel, a very important stretch of the line. The rail tunnel consists of two tunnel tubes with an approximate length of 8 km and a diameter of 11 m and forms the largest underground section of the entire new line.

Julius Berger International was commissioned by Implenia Construction GmbH to carry out the execution and development planning of the construction site facilities to support construction of the west tunnel portal, located south of the A8 motorway. This included various office buildings, construction access roads and storage areas covering an area of approximately 8 ha.

The planning was carried out in close coordination with relevant authorities and the on-site construction management. Machine data for the earthworks areas and digital measurement data were supplied to optimize the execution. Various constraints were taken into account, especially the access from the construction site facilities to the actual tunnel drive of the specialized vehicles and the transport of the tubbings.

During the construction period, the site will be served mainly by the eastern bound A8 motorway. For this purpose, our team also managed the approval and execution planning for an approx. 600 m long temporary exit from the A8, including an additional lane running under the existing bridge of a country road located within a drinking water protection area. The drainage planning for the temporary exit therefore had to take into account the special conditions of the drinking water protection area as well as the requirements of the construction site regarding installation areas for construction equipment or working areas.

In addition, Julius Berger International was tasked with the approval and execution planning of an approx. 1.2 km long construction site access road for the eastern approach to the tunnel construction site. This included the connection to a federal highway in compliance with the regulations as well as a 5-lane entrance and exit to and from the construction, a small reception building and stationary weighbridges. Since significant construction site traffic was expected, the agricultural traffic crossing was designed to be grade separated to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Various smaller crossing structures and ecological aspects such as the wild animal population had to be included into the planning.

Through close communication with the parties involved and prompt implementation of the site requirements, Julius Berger International made a significant contribution to the smooth construction of the site facilities.

8 ha

construction site facilities

1,800 m

Development roads

600 m

connection construction site facility west

1,200 m

Access road to construction site east

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