Fusion of industrial and residential area

Benin Enterprise Park, Nigeria

Julius Berger International has been entrusted with the design of a mixed-use development in Nigeria, covering a total area of almost 1,000 hectares. The site, located about 20 kilometer south of Benin City in Edo State, is to be established as a free trade zone including both industrial and commercial areas as well as an attached residential area inclusive local recreation areas. The park will provide jobs for up to 35,000 people and housing for up to 20,000 residents. Its own 575 MW multi-stage gas turbine power plant will ensure a self-sufficient power supply for the entire area.

Based on the urban master plan concept designed in accordance with the investor's ideas, Julius Berger International's infrastructure experts developed a convincing and well conceived, construction-phase-oriented development concept for the entire site. In addition to traffic planning, the concept also includes the supply of drinking water, electricity and gas as well as rainwater drainage, wastewater disposal and empty conduit systems for data and communications networks.

In a following step, the design development and execution planning for the development of the first construction phase was carried out, which provides for the commercial and industrial usage of a 93 hectares sub-area. Our engineers prepared the associated tender documents such as performance description, service specification and plans for the construction of the infrastructure of the first development phase. A functional construction description and the preparation of site plans for the potential industrial facilities on the first three premises completed our overall planning package.

1,000 ha

site area

700 ha

industrial park

300 ha

residential area and recreation areas

24 km

development roads





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