Securing long-term supply of potable water

Water Masterplan for Abuja, Nigeria

Julius Berger International, together with the Nigerian engineering consultant PrimeTech, has been commissioned with the extension of the water supply masterplan for the Nigerian capital Abuja.

The extension covers an area of 350 km², in which up to 3 million people will be living and will require drinking water supply in the future. The area includes districts of Abuja's original urban development concept, as well as districts along the eastern urban fringes. The Masterplan is intended to ensure the long-term security of drinking water supply, taking into account local conditions, future planning and risk assessments.

The planning team carries out the assessment of the existing water infrastructure, field investigations, building design of reservoirs and pumping stations, as well as the quantity survey and determination of the expected investment volume.

Julius Berger International is primarily responsible for the engineering meaning the projection of the future water demand as well as the definition and dimensioning of about 280 km main supply lines and allocated water reservoirs. In addition, the modelling and hydraulic calculation of the main supply network with definition of pressure zones are carried out.

350 km²

area of supply

3 million

supplied people

280 km

main distribution pipe

Lead Designer Plus

Design and Engineering

  • Concept studies and design concepts
  • Schematic design and design development
  • Approval planning

Construction management

  • Tender documents and specifications
  • Award of contract


Project management

  • Client representation
  • Coordination between clients and authorities

Construction-related services

  • Scheduling
  • Construction process planning
  • Machine concept


  • Feasibility studies
  • Consulting on specific aspects relating to Africa
  • Technical consulting

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