Major metropolitan project calls for masterful project management

Urban development Badya City in Cairo, Egypt

As part of the newly emerging 6th of October City, an innovative and modern city district is emerging, named Badya - The Creative City in the west of Cairo. It is planned that over the next few years, Badya will provide housing for around 150,000 residents - built on an area covering approximately 1,300 hectares.

As a smart and vibrant city, Badya will include a variety of local amenities, cultural and leisure facilities, as well as workspaces for up to 48,000 people, in addition to different types of housing and office structures. The megaproject is being developed in seven construction phases. The initial phase involves the construction of an independent district for some 25,000 residents, including infrastructure, commercial and administrative areas, various residential buildings and green spaces.

Julius Berger International supports the project developer in the areas of project management and site supervision during the first phase of construction and provides services for the planning and execution preparation (project stages 2 and 3) in the areas of activity A - E in accordance with the AHO.

As the client's representative, Julius Berger International leads a team of local engineers and architects. We coordinate and monitor all activities of the participating design and construction companies on site, check the quality of the construction work performed and are responsible for its final acceptance. In addition, we advise the client in all construction-related matters and support him in obtaining important decisions and permits.

By creating and updating interlinked time schedules, our project managers are actively involved in controlling key milestones and their work has made a decisive contribution to the success of the project. The client's satisfaction resulted in a follow-up order for project stage 4 execution in all areas of activity in accordance with the AHO.

142 ha

total area (phase 1A)

700,000 m²

gross floor area (phase 1A)


apartment groups


village groups

27 km

road length

Lead Designer Plus

Design and Engineering

Construction management

  • Tender documents and specifications
  • Award of contract
  • Construction monitoring


Project management

  • Client representation
  • Coordination between clients and authorities
  • Construction project management

Construction-related services

  • Scheduling
  • Construction process planning


  • Value Engineering
  • Contract management and management of supplementary requests

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