Comprehensive renovation of a day care center

Wiese Kunterbunt Nursery in Klein-Winternheim, Germany

Shortly before the completion of works for the extension of the north-western wing of a day care center near Wiesbaden, remaining construction activities had to be stopped as moisture was detected on the existing floor structure of the first floor, which had no basement level below. After various inspections by experts, it was clear that most of the floor structure on the existing first floor and the lower areas of the drywall plasterboard panels had to be removed. According to the surveyor, a remediation planning was required for the renovation measure.

Julius Berger International was awarded the contract for the work stages 2 and 5 to 8 of HOAI by the municipality of Nieder-Olm. Our team was assigned to carry out the basic evaluation, planning services, contract awarding services and site supervision for the construction measures required for the remediation planning and completion of the renovation. We supported the municipality of Nieder-Olm in overcoming various challenges to ensure the success of the project in terms of quality, time and costs. The coordinated implementation planning, the prompt awarding of contracts to suitable specialist companies, the drawing up and continuation of the schedule as well as the deficiency management of the construction work contributed significantly to the successful implementation of the rehabilitation measures and created the prerequisites for an efficient acceptance process as well as an on-schedule commissioning of the new premises.

Thanks to the addition of the two new group rooms, the Wiese Kunterbunt day care center can now safely provide day care for about 120 children.

Lead Designer Plus

Design and Engineering

  • Schematic design
  • Execution and detail planning

Construction management

  • Tender documents and specifications
  • Award of contract
  • Construction monitoring


Project management

  • Coordination between clients and authorities
  • Construction project management

Construction-related services

  • Scheduling
  • Construction process planning


  • Technical consulting

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