Sustainability plays an important role within Julius Berger International. In addition to environmental protection, the welfare and benefit for people as well as the profitability of each project are essential factors.

The path to a sustainable building leads via integrated design processes. We are able to develop overall concepts spanning multiple disciplines for the complete life cycle of a building.

Buildings constructed according to the requirements of a certification system are more efficient and incur 40 to 60 percent less operating costs than conventional buildings, depending on the level of certification.

We offer our clients designs which fulfil the requirements of various certification programs (e.g. LEED).

In order to realise energy efficient buildings, an overall approach to construction is needed. Our experts create customised architecture, use modern simulation techniques and further develop proven materials and processes.

Julius Berger International is a member of the German Green Building Association, the organisation in German-speaking countries for issues concerning sustainability in the building industry and the LEED certification system of the US Green Building Council.

For Julius Berger International sustainable building means that we systematically combine economic and ecological advantages for the benefit of the buildings’ users. It is therefore no coincidence that the building that serves as our company headquarters in Wiesbaden has been granted a LEED Gold certificate.