Construction Services

Julius Berger International unites all planning and design steps under one roof. We distinguish ourselves through our sound knowledge of constructional operations.

Offer, order and job site cost estimates for building, civil and construction engineering projects form part of our core competencies in the area of construction services. We develop customised solutions for the project management with regards to project organisation including the planning of all necessary resources (personnel, equipment, materials) to ensure an optimal sequencing and progress of the construction process.

Another prerequisite for successful site management is an efficient and economical machinery and equipment concept. Based on the specific requirements of the construction project, our experts develop and support the deployment of equipment and machinery during the planning phase and in the operational process.

Julius Berger International’s construction services also include efficient formwork and scaffolding planning. We offer solutions with standard systems as well as customized structures designed by our team. 

We employ proven technologies and approaches as well as technical innovations and cutting-edge solutions.