Company History

Our company is named after the original founder, Julius Berger (1862 – 1943). The company history began when Julius Berger, a haulier, won his first contract in 1890 for the construction of an approximately two-kilometre long avenue. In 1905 the company was transformed into a stock corporation (Julius Berger Tiefbau AG). The contract for a large railway tunnel in Switzerland in 1912 marked the entry into the international construction business. Since 1948, the company has been headquartered in Wiesbaden.

Based on a capital aid agreement between Germany and Nigeria, the company, in 1965, won the contract for the construction of the Eko Bridge in Lagos. The construction of this bridge laid the foundations for the extensive commitment of Julius Berger in Nigeria which is still continuing today. In 1970, Julius Berger Nigeria Ltd. was founded in Nigeria. Planning, procurement and project management services continue to be provided from Wiesbaden.

The merger of the companies Grün & Bilfinger and Julius Berger-Bauboag in the autumn of 1975 resulted in the creation of Bilfinger + Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft. Following the demerger in 2012, our company has since operated as Julius Berger International GmbH and formed a crucial component of the Julius Berger Group. The company’s headquarters remain in the capital of Hesse, Wiesbaden.

Since 2015, Julius Berger International GmbH has broadened its market presence and offers its expertise as a top-quality general planner with interdisciplinary teams as well as comprehensive, practical solutions with all architectural and engineering services in the fields of building and industrial construction, along with infrastructure planning.